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You as a Patient

Are you on the safe side?

Presently, in order to prevent a cardiovascular disease, physicians record the risk factors (BMI, smoking, blood pressure, cholesterol, glycemia, age and gender) of the patient. Then, they assess the risk using the SCORE algorithm that recapitulates some of the risk factors and weights them to provide a statistical hazard to actually develop a cardiovascular disease.


So, the actual treatment of the patient is based on a probability to develop a disease, not on his real status. Moreover, the SCORE algorithm does not take into account the personal and familial history and the lifestyle (diet and fitness) of the patient. However, these factors can modulate the risk.


Our vision for the future is to prevent cardiovascular diseases before they develop and become irreversible.

Our solution is based on the measurement of a biomarker, the HbNO, that will assess your blood vessel status and help you to manage your health. The evolution of your HbNO content can be monitored along your life; allowing so an immediate therapeutic action if the your status becomes critical.


An anual monitoring will warn you when the threshold is reached, so you can adjust your lifestyle, including a therapy if necessary, before you develop a cardiovascular disease. 

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