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Our solution

For patients

Be an actor of your health.

Find out the status of your cardiovascular system so you'll know if you need to adjust your lifestyle or treatment.


You can order your first FREE kit by sending us an email and we will provide you:

- a voucher for performing your 1 mL blood sampling

- a list of the places where you can perform your test

We will assess the HbNO in your blood sampling and tell you if you are in the safe zone or if you need to visit  a physician. 

For Healthcare professionals

Find out if your patients are at risk of developing a cardiovascular disease and, if necessary, adjust her/his treatment implying: 

- a managment of her/his risk factors

- a treatment therapy

- an adaptation of her/his treatment


We designed a specific patented recipient for the 1 mL blood sampling, we will organize the shipment of the syringes and we will quantify the HbNO in the blood sample.

In summary, our technology:

1.     meets a public health need

2.     has no known competitor

3.     is protected by a patent 

4.     is validated in cohorts with sick and healthy subjects where it has proven superiority to the gold standard (digital microtonometry)

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